Developer: Víctor Atobas

Publisher: Zoozobra Studios


  • Visual novel, set in the near future, about love as a metaphor for utopia. Learn about the history of rebooters!
  • Two different endings: choose wisely to arrive at the truly new, that is, at the beginning of the courtship with Kate and a society of free and equal.
  • Two different graphic styles: the realistic backgrounds style figure everyday life, while the pixelated style represents the moments when you are surfing in cyberspace.


Year 2043. The buts spread obedience to the Accumulator infecting other people with bioinformatic viruses.

You are in love with Kate: she is your friend, a hacker who does not want to obey the Accumulator that absorbs all human work in private databases. Although you do not know if you can win her heart, Kate is for you the horizon of a new morning; As you try to seduce her, she encourages you to keep fighting. But combat is dangerous and you could end up in jail. Are you going to let yourself be overcome by fear? Aren’t Kate and the reboot worth any risk?


  • Discover The Island: A game within the game itself, proposed as a tribute to the television series Lost, in which anything is possible.

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