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Release Date Announcement [English, Spanish]


Developer/Publisher: Víctor Atobas/Zoozobra Studios.




-Exciting story: know the effects that are causing Malachai and the rest of «bad sons» who were born that day in 1979…
-16-bit graphics with a unique touch in the use of the color palette.
-Enjoy the thrill of escape, run and hide where the authority can’t see you.
-Chews the tension: the enemy could attack you again at any time.
-Explore varied maps: from the coastal town of Derrigtown to the holy mountains where Malachai leads the revolutionaries.
-Collect the emblems of friendship given by the rebels.
-Discover the easter eggs.
-Black mood: children are people and not monkeys, so they can not be treated like pets.







Tom: You’re out on a trip and you haven’t even bothered to look at the fuel gauge in your car. Now what are you going to do, in the middle of the maze of corn crops. The wind is blowing hard, bringing to you the cry of a man named Malachai, whom some Derrigtown residents say is the devil in disguise. The foul breath of the enemy is coming to you now, but who are the good guys and who are the bad guys, you ask, doesn’t Malachai just want to experience a different mode of existence?







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